The Professional Golfers Career College offers a Specialized Associate's Degree in Professional Golf Management. The degree program lasts two academic years (4 semesters of 4 months each), and contains 72 semester units, 16 of which are general education units. Each course is worth one or two semester credits, and the program consists of approximately 41 courses.

The objective of our program is to help our students attain the best fundamental education in professional golf management. These fundamentals include an introduction to the theory and practice of golf shop operations, methods of golf teaching, golf rules, and country club management. We encourage prospective students to visit any of our campuses to discuss personal, educational, and occupational plans with our admissions counselors prior to enrolling, or signing enrollment agreements.

The college serves students who seek leadership positions in a variety of golf-related organizations. Because of the spectrum of opportunities available in the golf industry, students can expect a broad-based golf education covering the many distinct aspects of professional golf management. The curriculum progresses with a mix of general education, and courses that focus on specific aspects of professional golf management. From the first day of class our students explore core industry topics.

Every semester, the faculty and administration meet to review the content of each class in the program to recommend curriculum changes, new course offerings, and new resources to the administration. In addition, in order to keep content and direction relevant, the directors of the college maintain continual contact with influential leaders in the golf business. This feedback loop provides more than ongoing curriculum relevance; it ensures open dialogue when it comes to placing graduates. Nobody knows which skills are desired from golf industry employees better than those doing the hiring!

And, of course, our graduates are a valued source of guidance in keeping the curriculum fresh. A detailed questionnaire is periodically sent to all PGCC graduates in order to gauge how effective the academic program was in preparing them for success in their current careers.