Class Descriptions
All of our courses are designed to provide a solid foundation for the golf business. As an accredited golf college, PGCC has a staff of highly qualified instructors to give serious students the golf and business knowledge, which has been proven essential, when they successfully enter the extremely competitive and rewarding world of golf.


Business classes are part of the Professional Golf Management program at PGCC. In the Business department are general business classes: Introduction to Business; Introduction to Marketing; Principles of Salesmanship; Human Resource Management; Business Law; and Personal Financial Planning.

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BUS 103 - Introduction to Business - 2 Units

This course is an introduction and overview on how a business functions. Students completing this course should have a knowledge and understanding of business vocabulary, business organization and the interrelationships of economics, business and personal careers.

BUS 157 - Principles of Salesmanship - 2 Units

A course in the fundamental principles of creative selling. Developing prospects, type of customer, methods of presentation, the close, and follow-up are topics covered.

BUS 162 - Introduction to Marketing - 2 Units

A course that addresses the analysis and role of marketing within the total organization. Marketing functions drive businesses and are the most critical aspect of generating current and future revenue. Emphasis is on the components of marketing and how they generate revenues for the organization.

BUS 267 - Human Resource Management - 2 Units

This class deals with the vast area of human resources known as training and development. Topics covered will be the characteristics of an effective trainer, learning types of adults in the workplace, communication skills and models of training in use today.

BUS 269 - Business Law - 2 Units

This is a general survey course on how the law impacts the world of golf and how golf has impacted the law. Thirteen different legal disciplines will be discussed including constitutional law, real property law, environmental and water rights law, civil rights law, contract law, criminal law and procedure, tort law, intellectual property law, corporations and the law of business entities, will and trust law, labor and employment law, administrative law and commercial law.

BUS 271 - Personal Financial Planning - 1 Unit

The principles of personal financial planning for an individual are covered in this class. Topics include savings, investments and money management.

Professional Golf Management

The Professional Golf Management department focuses on operating & technical classes: Golf Shop Operations I,IIⅈ Country Club Management; Golf Course Design; Turf Management; Club Design & Repair; Club Fitting; and career planning classes: Golf Career Planning; Golf Industry Opportunities.

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PGM 150 - Golf Operations I - 2 Units

This course will offer the students the basic principles of managing a golf shop. This course will include budgeting, marketing, staffing, and managing a golf shop.

PGM 151 - Golf Operations II - 2 Units

An introduction to the basic structure of finances as it relates to single proprietorship, partnership and corporate types of business enterprises. Prerequisite: PGM- 150. (Prerequisite: PGM-150)

PGM 157 - Principles of Turf Management - 2 Units

This course will provide the student with the opportunity to learn the care and maintenance of different types of turf grass used on golf courses. Topics covered will be fertilization, diseases, irrigation, planting and maintenance.

PGM 158 - Principles of Club Design & Repair - 2 Units

This class will teach the students the fundamentals of club design and the manufacturing of golf clubs. The student will learn to properly fit clubs to the needs of the customer and also how to repair clubs.

PGM 252 - Golf Operations III - 2 Units

This class is a "case study" permitting students a "role playing" exercise in preparing the annual business plan for a golf course. The students will use their knowledge from their Communication, Leadership and Golf Operations I & II in this class and will also learn to work as a member of a team. (Prerequisite: PGM-151)

PGM 253 - Country Club Management - 2 Units

This course will cover the role of the general manager of a country club. Topics will include the supervision, management and operations of a country club. An in-depth course on all the principles involved in country club management including personnel, budgeting and membership.

PGM 254 - Food & Beverage - 1 Unit

This course covers the food and beverage issues that occur at any golf course or resort. Menu planning, cost analysis and budget planning is covered.

PGM 256 - Golf Course Development & Design - 2 Units

The principles of developing a golf course from design through developing finances for the course. Course will cover the topics of design, planning, buying, financing, and marketing the golf course.

PGM 259 - Career Planning & Placement - 2 Units

This class will help the student in preparing for the job market. Topics will include techniques of interviewing, how to find out about job openings, and how to apply for positions in the golf industry.

PGM 261 - Club Fitting - 1 Unit

This course is designed to provide significant information that leads to a clearer understanding of the complicated and misunderstood field of custom club fitting for the purpose of becoming a golf professional who can actually shorten the learning time for his/her students. (Prerequisite: PGM-158)

Art, Data Processing, English, and Science

In the Art, Data Processing, English, and Science departments we have practical business classes in Calligraphy (for tournament scoreboards!); Word Processing; Written and Oral Communications; and classes in Kinesiology and Health Science.

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ART 101 - Calligraphy - 1 Unit

This is an introductory course designed to acquaint the student with the basic style of lettering, suitable for score sheets, pro sheets, pro shop signs and posters. Class will include instruction and supervised practice of Roman Italic capital and lowercase letters and numbers.

DP 115 - Word Processing - 2 Units

This class will provide the student with the basic understanding of Excel usage. The student will gain understanding through the Intermediate level in MS Word and Power Point.

DP 215 - Microsoft Office Suite - 2 Units

This class will provide the student with the understanding of Microsoft Office Suite as it applies to resumes, cover letters and other types of business letters. The student will also use Excel to create tee sheets and starting sheets. (Prerequisite: DP-115)

ENG 201 - Written Communications - 2 Units

This course provides careful study and practice in the methods of achieving a clear and effective style of expository writing. Students are taught to write effective business letters and also to develop their own resumes.

ENG 202 - Oral Communications - 2 Units

This course is designed to provide students with the basic concepts of oral communications. Students will learn to develop and deliver effective individual and group presentations in classroom and professional settings. (Prerequisite: ENG-201)

SCI 134 - Physiology of Exercise - 2 Units

This course will cover the basic fundamentals and principles of human movement. Topics to be covered are the skeletal system, muscular system and nervous system of the human body and how they are related to movement.

SCI 138 - Health Science - 2 Units

This course is designed to inform the student that good health is not accidental, rather it is a product of nature and culture, and it must be related to understanding and values. Good health must be not only philosophical, but capable of extension into the realities of daily living.

Physical Education

The Physical Education department provides instruction on: Techniques of Golf Teaching I,II,III & IV; Golf Event Management; Rules of Golf; Organization of Golf Tournaments; Clinic Planning; History of Golf; a physical fitness class; and tournament-quality golf practice and activities every day.

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PE 112 - Fitness for Golf - 1 Unit

A class that involves stretching and fitness activities centered on the golf swing. Students will be tested and given an individual body conditioning course suited to improve the student's strength and conditioning.

PE 121 - Techniques of Golf Teaching I - 1 Unit

This class will cover all the fundamentals of teaching golf. Topics studied will be the grip, set-up, alignment and the full swing. Students will be analyzing golf swings and correcting errors in swing fundamentals.

PE 122 - Techniques of Golf Teaching II - 1 Unit

A scientific study of the golf swing. The lever system in the golf swing is studied and the many different methods of teaching are analyzed. (Prerequisite: PE-121)

PE 223 - Techniques of the Short Game - 1 Unit

This class introduces the techniques used in teaching the short game. The student is taught many techniques in the teaching of the short game including pitching, chipping, putting, and sand play. (Prerequisite: PE-121)

PE 224 - Techniques of Golf Teaching IV - 1 Unit

This is a methods of teaching class. Students give golf lessons to the general public, which gives them practical experience in the methods of teaching. Students must keep a notebook on all lessons given. The instructor analyzes the lessons given by the students.

PE 136 - Rules Of Golf - 2 Units

This class will give the student an in-depth knowledge of the rules of golf. The decisions of the rules of golf will also be discussed and analyzed.

PE 140 - Organization of Golf Tournaments - 2 Units

The basic fundamentals and principles involved in running and organizing a golf tournament. Topics include: pairings, starting times, rules and handicapping.

PE 142A - Tournament Golf I - 1 Unit

This course series focuses on applying the rules of golf, swing principles and mental preparation under tournament conditions. It is comprised of four courses, one taken each semester.

PE 142B - Tournament Golf II - 1 Unit

This course series focuses on applying the rules of golf, swing principles and mental preparation under tournament conditions. It is comprised of four courses, one taken each semester.

PE 142C - Tournament Golf III - 1 Unit

This course series focuses on applying the rules of golf, swing principles and mental preparation under tournament conditions. It is comprised of four courses, one taken each semester.

PE 142D - Tournament Golf IV - 1 Unit

This course series focuses on applying the rules of golf, swing principles and mental preparation under tournament conditions. It is comprised of four courses, one taken each semester.

PE 243 - Clinic Planning - 2 Units

This class covers the planning and organization of golf clinics. Students are taught how to give group lessons and how to teach beginners through advanced players.

PE 250 - History Of Golf - 2 Units

An in-depth study of the history of golf. This class looks at golf from the beginning in St. Andrews, Scotland, right up to the present time.

PE 252 - Video Analysis - 2 Units

This course will introduce the use of video in error detection and correction in analyzing all phases of the golf swing.


The Psychology department provides general psychology classes; classes in Psychology of Golf specifically; and courses in Leadership. The golf college provides a solid foundation in psychology and how to apply it toward success in both tournament golf and golf business management. PGCC offers training in: learning principles of psychology for success in your career; understanding the psychology of golf to help others learn easily and play well; and applying this same golf psychology to improve your own golf game.

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PSY 106 - Psychology I - 2 Units

This course will teach the principles of attitude and motivation that are needed to be successful in dealing with life. The course will also include the principles of positive thinking and how they may be applied to successful relationships.

PSY 108 - Psychology II - 2 Units

The psychological study of how humans react to different situations in their life. The course centers on attaining a good self image and not making excuses for failing.

PSY 109 - Principles of Career Success - 2 Units

This course covers the principles used by successful business. These include the study of time management, the role of negotiating, entrepreneuring, and the qualities of successful business.

PSY 210 - Psychology III - 2 Units

This course deals with the physiological causes of behavior. The students learns how to deal with stress and distractions that would prevent them from being successful.

PSY 215 - Psychology of Golf - 2 Units

This is an advanced study of the human brains function as it relates to motor activities. The student will learn to maximize his or her golf game by learning the psychological makeup of professional athletes.

PSY 220 - Psychology IV - 2 Units

This course will provide the students with the knowledge that makes up successful leaders. Topics include: interpersonal relationships, self concepts, emotions, non-verbal communications and leadership practices.